Dr. Bertram Melbourne


Dr. Adrian T Westney Sr. made an indelible impression on the formative years of my life when, as a young man just formulating my life dreams, he was instrumental in helping me chart my course in Ministry and Education. The ATWSF will provide the same opportunities for aspiring young people today that I was able to realize

Dr. Lizette Westney

Vice Chair

My husband’s life was marked by a zeal for Ministry and Service, and a passion for Education. I felt privileged to see how God used him to enrich and bless the lives of others. I eagerly look forward to the opportunities this Scholarship Fund can provide towards the development of young peoples’ lives.

Adrian T. Westney Jr.

Seeing the contribution to society from students of Dr. Westney and now their children, and seeing firsthand the students receiving scholarships is inspiring.

Peter Campbell

It was because of the encouragement and inspiration from Adrian T. Westney for Christian Education that I first took up the challenge to be Vice-President of the National NCU Alumni and I am now President of the National Alumni Association.

Dr. Gloria Westney

Reaching a stage in life where I can look back and see the results of dedication to a cause such as Christian education, as was seen in the life of Adrian Westney Sr., inspires me to get involved in like pursuits.

Dr. Irving Westney

The memory of Adrian Westney shows the impact that Christian education has on a life when focused in God’s intention is my reason for commitment to continue this legacy.

Marcel Westney

I have watched my father always look out for students that were in need of a good education. The sacrifices Dad made in his life to help me and countless students achieve their academic goals are deeply ingrained in my mind. I have seen His passion and guidance touch hundreds of students and help them reach their academic goals. This is why I feel there is a worthy cause here, to reach other students and help them achieve their academic and spiritual dreams.

Dr. Ouida Westney

Dr. Glenn Phillips

Colline Silvera

Marva Shand

Hugh Mighty

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